Discord Encourage Bot

Built with Node.js

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Encourage Bot is a Discord Bot created to keep the chat happy! Encourage Bot will provide inspirational messages when asked for. As well as reply to messages that seem sad with a quick motivational line.

Back-end Development



This Bot was created using Node.js and JavaScript using the online IDE Repl.it as a tool to further my knowledge of Node.js and to have fun with Discord Bots. The server is run through Repl.it and kept online with a monitor provided by UptimeRobot. The api for the inspiring quotes comes from Zenquotes Api.

Encourage Bot will scan through messages in the chat and flag negative words. For example: sad, angry, depressed and unhappy. When encountering one of these messages, Encourage Bot will reply to the user from a set of encouraging messages. This list of encouraging messages can be added to and deleted by the users in the chat.

See the Github Repo